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Improve your skills with leading trading platform!

Bilionex LTD assists you to earn on the high volatility of cryptocurrency markets!

The company Bilionex LTD is absolutely legal and officially registered in the United Kingdom!

Bilionex LTD is the leading automated earnings platform in the global cryptocurrency and stock exchange markets. Our company was founded in 2021. It is a division of the group of companies “CDG Limited”, which is involved directly in investment activities and attracting private investors` assets.

Bilionex LTD specialists have developed an unique trading strategy for the stock and cryptocurrency exchanges. Due to it we can pay a guaranteed profit to our investors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

Bilionex LTD generates profits on the financial markets even during “bearish” trend periods due to the extensive experience of financial analysts and traders of our company, as well as our own automated trading tools.

Besides the most perspective cryptocurrencies and currency pairs trading, our company's staff monitors the opportunity to generate income on the market’s “outsiders” around the clock. This enables our investors to get a percentage yield of up to 365% per annum!

Open an investment account right now and you will get access to:

  • 3 balanced high yield investment offers;

  • earn on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies;

  • unlimited earnings in the affiliate program without investing.

Bilionex LTD is a simple and very reliable way to make your money work. Trust us. We know everything about our field of activity and will do all the main work for you. The profit is all yours!

40 Bank St, London E14 5NR, United Kingdom
Financial and cryptocurrency markets growth in dynamics over the past decade

Cryptocurrency markets and economies of the world largest countries are developing exponentially! Over the past decade, the cryptocurrency market has grown by 12,500% and is not going to stop there:

Cryptocurrency advantages

Digital currencies start to develop rapidly in 2014, the market capitalization increased by more than 250 times and this is not surprising, because cryptocurrency offers unlimited opportunities for its users:
  • Absolute transparency The cryptocurrency market is transparent and protected from any outside interference through the use of innovative Blockchain technology. Thanks to the smart contracts technology, you can be 100% sure of the integrity of all transactions.
  • High transfer speed The cryptocurrency transaction technologies allow to process trillions of requests per second with minimal transfer fees, which is not feasible in the banking system!
  • Mining possibility The main difference between cryptocurrency and fiat money is the possibility of mining, network users themselves "find" new cryptocurrency and successfully launch it into circulation!
  • Convenient storage To store cryptocurrencies, you do not need to open bank accounts and pay for their maintenance, all information about the number of your coins is stored on a separate carrier and is not available for disposal by third parties.
  • Innovation and popularity Thanks to all the above advantages, cryptocurrency network users can develop and increase the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market themselves, which undoubtedly affects the total value of digital assets!
  • Use the following services to learn more about cryptocurrencies: Cryptocompare.com, blockchain.info, etc.
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Davorin Bebek

Davorin Bebek - Co-founder. After finishing Law University in Croatia, he started to work as Chief Marketing Officer and campaign builder for various startups in different industries. That's how he got familiar with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and become it's strong advocate.

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Evgeniy Florin
Chief Marketing Officer

Evgeniy is a highly respected sales and team building professional with over 15 years of experience and a history of success. He has thorough experience in blockchain and network marketing, and has been following the evolution of cryptocurrencies for years. He believes that the combination of these two can really make positive changes to the global economy in the near future.

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Martin Maffei

Martin is a highly experienced Systems Engineer with a demonstrated history of over 20 years leading software development teams for financial, oil & gas and other industries. Enthusiastic and passionate about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain since years, he strongly believes that this technology is not only the fourth industrial revolution, but the future of money.

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Graham R Clark

Graham - The senior business leader and previous start-up founder. He has been working in Capital markets and Financial information technology for more than 20 years now. For the past two years he has been working on a number of blockchain and crypto projects both as an advisor as well as an OTC facilitator.

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Last years Co-owner of IT company mainly processes systems for banks, lottery operators, and telecoms. Responsible for marketing and sales. Founder of a startup based on high-end streaming and blockchain tools. Specialize in creating global ideas, using a smart approach to build and optimize startup work. Understand cultural differences in the formation of complex sales and marketing structures. Startup advisors, speaker, blockchain enthusiast. The advocate of balanced tourism.
To receive the bonus and change your ranking, you will need to complete and meet the requirements of eight different investment levels. These investment levels make up the overall Partner Investment Structure (PIS).

Please note that each of your own personal investments will also bring you 100% towards your overall personal contribution;

The eight different PIS investment levels are detailed below, together with their relevant percentages and their turnover limits.

Level 1
Each investment of the 1st level referral in your PIS will also bring you 100% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 2
Each investment of the 2nd level referral in your PIS will bring you 50% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 3
Each 3rd level referral investment in your PIS will bring you 30% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 4
Each investment referral 4th level in your structure will bring you 20% of the total turnover of the PIS;

Level 5
Each investment of the 5th level referral in your structure will bring you 15% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 6
Each investment of the 6th level referral in your structure will bring you 10% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 7
Each investment of the 7th level referral in your structure will bring you 5% to the total PIS turnover.

Level 8
Each investment of the 8th level referral in your structure will bring you 3% to the total PIS turnover.

Use case example
As an example, if you are a Partner with a total turnover of $ 12,000 and your Level 3 referral made an investment of $ 1,000, then you PIS turnover will receive a credit for 30% or the equivalent of $300.

This means that your PIS will then have a total turnover of $ 12,300.

In order to reach the Ambassador rank, your PIS will need to make a joint investment of $25,000.

In addition, you will also need to make a personal contribution of $ 1,000, in order that you receive the bonus for the rank of $ 1,000.

This can be achieved in two ways: either through direct personal sales for this amount; or from an investment made by any party from your PIS network that equals this amount.

As a general rule, the second option is proven to be more effective than the first, provided that is you have a PIS that has developed to at least 4 levels.

IMPORTANT: As each PIS turnover level is achieved, the next rank is not reset, but continues to grow.

For example, when your PIS has reached a turnover of $ 25,000 you will be awarded the rank of Ambassador. To then move forwards on to the next rank of Businessman ($ 50,000), your PIS only needs to achieve $ 25,000 in sales.